AERspire provides an aesthetic solar energy solution which combines roof covering and energy generation. The entire roof area is covered by frameless elements of which most are “active” and therefore generate electricity.


Passive elements are applied on the remaining roof surface, in shade areas and around ‘obstacles’ such as chimney, skylights and dormer windows. These elements do not generate electricity but give a homogeneous and aesthetic overall image.



Solar energy can be this beautiful.



AERspire uses the best module technology available. The glass plates on either side of the solar cells provide guaranteed long-term protection to the fragile solar cells. This results in a consistently higher yield and higher performance, without losses due to oxidation.


The ventilation shaft has been designed in such a way that the elements can transfer the maximum amount of heat to it, which keeps them cooler. These technological advantages results in a guaranteed 25% better performances.


Solar energy can be this smart.



The quality of the AERspire energy roof guarantees maximum energy yield over a long period of time. AERspire solar energy is thus not only an aesthetic attractive solution but  also a financially attractive option as well.


Yields are at their peak immediately upon commissioning. From that moment on, you earn money with the AERspire solar roof. The energy costs are structurally low or zero. And the extended lifespan of the system allows you to benefit from these yields for a long time.



Solar energy can be this profitable.


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