A glass-glass solar panel- the only panel which survived the hailstorm in southeast Brabant


Limburg hailstorm results in large amounts of damage to solar panels.

The evening of 23 June will not be easily forgotten in Southeast Brabant. At least 1 billion euros have been lost in damages as a consequence of a storm unparalleled in its intensity. It is the first time that the Dutch energy sector has had to deal with large-scale damage to solar panels caused by hail. The editors of Solar Magazine spoke to a number of local installers a good 2 months later. Only one specific solar panel seems to have withstood the storm according to Van Deursen of HD Solar at Someren-Eind. ‘A glass-glass solar panel. Besides there being no visible damage to this panel, everything was in order after an electroluminescence test too. Conversely, all standard solar panels, with foil and glass, have been damaged.’

You can read the whole article on pages 14-17 of the Solar Magazine: https://solarmagazine.nl/u/files/sm3-2016.pdf


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