AERII – AERspire performs better than commercial reference projects

The AERII project was carried out over a period of more than 2 years in collaboration with SEAC, Heijmans (one of the biggest  Dutch building companies) and two Belgian project partners, among others, and supported by Dutch company TKI Solar Energy, the RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) and the IWT (Belgian Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology).


One of the most important goals of the project was to test the typical ventilation functionality of the AERspire system to confirm superior heat transfer between the panel and the air in the ventilation shaft. An improvement has been implemented in the “0-resistance” profile design in this project, in which the air is “forced” by a natural air current to flow along the back of the module without any obstruction in the unique ventilation shaft.


The ingenious design of the optimized mounting system permits around 20% better cooling capacity. On a sunny day this means that the AER PV element will be 5°C less hot.


The extensive AERspire system durability tests were conducted by SEAC on the SolarBEAT test location on the TU/e. The results showed that the AERspire system can achieve more than 1000kWh/kWp per year, which is very high for a BIPV and even for a conventional PV system. Extensive monitoring of the 14 terraced houses with the AER roof, located on Karel de Grotelaan in Eindhoven, revealed that the AERspire system in practice also achieves a yield in line with the results obtained by the test system on the TU/e.


Since the results of the 14 functional houses and the SolarBEAT prototype roof are comparable, it can be asserted that the AERspire system yields up to 7.5% more than the commercial reference projects on SolarBEAT.
The AERII project was sponsored by:

  • TKI, Topsector energieprojecten
  •, European network of national and regional funding organizations and RTD and innovation programmes in the field of solar electricity generation.


The public SEAC final report can be downloaded here.


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