Aesthetic sustainability is possible

Most architects prioritize the visual and aesthetic aspects in their work: the creation of spatial objects using lines, shapes, colours and texture according to the client’s desires and needs. Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic here.


We are happy to contribute our expertise in the early stages of the creative process. Requirements in terms of sustainability, comfort and energy performance are known, based on the residents’ wishes. AERspire then contributes possible solutions at a detailed level to integrate the AERpire energy roof into the whole design.


Unlimited freedom of design

Aesthetic sustainability in housing development requires ingenious solutions which guarantee high-quality housing and superior comfort for residents. An AERspire energy roof meets these requirements. The modular system can be adapted to suit any design and cover the whole roof in one homogeneous appearance. An additional advantage are the solutions for the ridge and gutter suitable to fit on almost every roof. This gives you unlimited freedom of design.


AERspire solar panels can also be combined with other materials. A splendid overall picture can be obtained with zinc, thatch and smooth roof tile roofs as well, avoiding partial solutions. We can also deliver other colour schemes and prints for special projects, the possibilities are unlimited. We are working on applying the product to façades and balustrades as well. This gives you flexibility in your designs.



Maximum performance as well as an attractive appearance

We use the best glass-glass module technology available. This eliminates the risk of water ingress and ensures an excellent lifespan with little maintenance. The total maintenance expenses are thereby low. The innovative mounting system allows superior cooling of the product which ensures optimum performance with respect to long-term yield.



 AERspire, your partner from design to commissioning

AERspire knows that ‘surveillance’ on the building site is difficult but necessary. We know exactly what the consequences of careless handling of our products are. Therefore, instead of just supplying a product, AERspire takes responsibility for the entire AERspire system until installation and commissioning.


It is very important to AERspire that consumers become aware of how the self-generated energy is used. For this reason, residents are provided with the necessary information upon commissioning. Guidance is subsequently offered via an online platform which may be accessed to view information about the performance and the yield of the AERspire system.



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