Building company

Partner in the entire building process

As a building company, you need partners who will contribute with ideas in the early stages of a project. AERspire can and does. Our specialist knowledge about integrated solar energy solutions as building component provides added value even at the draft design phase. We work together with the architect, structural engineer, relevant subcontractors and installer to meet the client’s functional needs. We can offer our expertise in both new build and renovation projects.


AERspire knows that ‘surveillance’ on the building site is difficult but necessary. We know exactly what the consequences of careless handling of our products are. Therefore, instead of just supplying a product, AERspire assumes responsibility for the entire AERspire system until installation and commissioning.


Integrated building component

The AERspire energy roof solution is a completely integrated building component. It is both roof covering and energy generator combined into one. In this way the increasingly strict energy performance standards are easily met. The modularity of elements including ridge, gutter and end side finishes provides a total solution. Our product is high-quality, easy and safe to install and delivers maximum performance with the minimum amount of materials.


Maximum performance

The modular elements are cleverly designed to maximize simplicity. The use of the best glass-glass module technology ensures optimum efficiency, guaranteed high performance and low maintenance expenses. The TCO (total cost of ownership) is attractive during the house’s lifespan.


The mounting system has been designed such that it can be applied in a flexible way to almost any substructure. It is optimally ventilated and thus the AER PV elements can emit the maximum amount of heat.


VCA certification

AERspire prioritizes safety, health and the environment. All AERspire staff members are therefore VCA-certified. The VCA working procedures and methods moreover guarantee a safe working environment for everybody involved at the building site.


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