Coloured (solar)panels

By means of a print or coating of the frontside glass the AER PV elements achieve infinite possibilities. All the benefits of our system remain in tact in these colored product versions. Partly covering the surface of the front glass does have an insurmountable side effect lowering a little bit the efficiency of the PV elements. Depending on the print design, you should think of a performance loss of  around of just 10-20%.

We run an extended performance test with monitoring during all 4 seasons with a comparison of printed panels with the regular solution. In case of the setup at the picture we measure the performance of a terracotta version with a version with partial surface printing of the front glass and a standard AER PV element.

The available print technologies of today make it possible to produce the panels in all colors and patterns that are desired. Especially for architects and projects where the distinctive character is crucial.

See also our example with the slates ….


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