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“In our projects we involve already in the design process smart product manufacturers. Smart products, for us, are products which combine smart solutions. AERspire is a good example because we are not talking about a layer of roof tiles with a layer of solar panels on top but of an integrated system, wind- and rainproof, which also functions as PV panel.”

“Our house is supervised by the monuments committee and therefore solar panels were not permitted. However, with the AERspire system, they were! This attractive aesthetic solution has been applied to the whole width of the roof surface. It has been very pleasant to work with them. And in the first year of operation the efficiency was even higher than expected.”

“AERspire is a good product for us because it is highly adaptable. We can go ahead with the project and still manage to fit AERspire nicely into the design. The energetic and construction aspects have been well thought through and there is flexibility for the architect as well. This makes the product very desirable for us.”

“What appeals to me about AERspire is the expertise and knowledge within the organization at all levels. AERspire makes an important contribution to the process already during the design phase and takes responsibility up to and including commissioning to our client on the building site. Everything under one roof.”

“The solar cells are ‘clamped’ between two glass plates. This AERspire glass-glass technology is expected to considerably prolong the lifespan. This TCO* aspect makes the whole picture interesting both for corporations and investors.” *Total Cost of Ownership