AERspire glass-glass technology

Glass-glass solar panels are the newest type of solar panels, which do not degrade in the way that conventional (glass-foil) solar panels do. A glass-glass solar panel is thus the most stable solar panel with the lowest potential-induced degradation and the longest lifespan.


Traditional solar panel – glass-foil

A conventional solar panel as seen on the market consists of a glass plate, with solar cells behind it and synthetic foil on the back. This way of building the solar panel has a particular vulnerability when exposed for years to damp, temperature differences and mechanical stresses. Panels with a synthetic back allow dirt and damp to enter more easily. Solar panel power output declines slightly each year due to this. As a consequence, most manufacturers guarantee that the performance of their solar panels will stay above 90% for the first ten years and will be at 80% after 20 to 25 years.

Glass-glass solar panel – more sustainable and stronger

A higher power output can be guaranteed with maximum protection of the solar cell. The AERspire glass-glass solar panel is guaranteed to yield at least 87% after 30 years.


Advantages of glass-glass solar panels

Glass is extremely sustainable. Glass is totally impenetrable, so it is damp proof. Damp and oxygen cannot enter, so the cell ageing process hardly occurs.


Glass does not burn. In contrast to a glass-foil product, which fuels a fire, the glass of a glass-glass module does not burn. A foil is more easily damaged, for instance during installing, and thus poses an electric shock hazard.


The use of glass enables the product to withstand external mechanical influences: stresses which occur during transport or walking on the roof as well as extreme weather conditions such as hail. Because they are “embedded” between glass, the cells do not tear under high stress, the cells are not damaged and there is no loss of power output as a result of damaged cells.


Besides boasting the advantages of glass-glass, the AERspire system does not use frames, profiles or ducts. The completely smooth glass roof surface ensures that there is only one coefficient of expansion due to only one material being used. There is no risk of leakages or other related problems. The completely smooth roof surface does not allow moss to grow and dirt is easy to wash off.


Lower kWh electricity bill

The glass-glass solar panel generates more electricity for longer as a result of the guaranteed high performance and the longer lifespan. This means that the electricity bill for the guaranteed lifespan is potentially lower than alternative and regular solutions.


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