Housing association

The stricter energy standards require drastic changes to the current housing stock and a different approach to the construction of new homes. It requires making the right choices through early collaboration between the parties involved. You continuously make a trade-off between initial investments on the one hand and maintenance costs and expected life on the other. AERspire is a logical choice for this as an energy generator. The proven high quality guarantees an excellent product life time.


In renovation and new construction projects, AERspire offers the support to achieve the optimal solar roof solution. Here we start with clarifying the requirements and wishes, in terms of technique, budget and cooperation.


After the inventory and advice, we offer guidance to the executing party. The assembly is under our own management and we take into account the needs of (future) residents. For example, when we install an AERspire roof per block of housing, we work quickly and adequately. This limits the possible inconvenience for residents to the minimum.


Through the glass-glass technology, AERspire guarantees that the yield and lifetime are optimal and the omission of frames ensures minimal accumulation of moisture and pollution. This brings the initial investments and long-term maintenance costs into the right balance.


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