Distinguished by attractive solar panels and straightforward installation

Wouldn’t it be great to distinguish yourself from others on the market by an attractive solar energy system based on the best module technology available and which is also easy to install? To contribute to a more attractive appearance of solar applications in our built environment? The AERspire energy roof is both roof covering and energy generator combined into one and consists of integrated glass-glass solar panels. The modular system of active and passive elements enables the entire roof area to be covered. Aesthetic simplicity and frameless glass-glass elements for an ingenious solution!


High-quality, easy and safe installation

Our product is high-quality, easy and safe to install and delivers maximum performance with the minimum amount of materials. By making use of glass-glass module technology, we can offer longer and better guarantees.


The AER mounting system can be delivered to the building site in pre-assembled parts. The profiles are fixed with hanger bolts directly to the insulation without the need for tile battens. The combination of the vertical and horizontal profiles ensures proper alignment of the roof surface and compensates for the tolerances. For the insulation plates with elevated riggers we use brackets which eliminates the need for the vertical profile. When the AER fixing system is completely installed, the AER elements are assembled on the mounting system by means of “invisible” rear brackets. The installation is that simple!


Solar panels which are also roof covering

The AERspire solution is a roof solution. This means that we supply edge finishing in addition to AER PV and AER dummy elements. We offer various options for gutter, ridge and side finishes according to the client’s wishes and the roof configuration. Maximum attention is paid to ventilation and heat transfer from the panels to the utterly free shaft behind the panels, no matter which finishing version is chosen. It is also possible to combine AER elements with other types of roof covering on the same roof surface.



Proper guidance: knowledge and experience

The AERspire team offers the guidance you need to provide excellent service to your clients. We give you our opinion about possible applications, optimum roof cover and yield and the best corresponding product choices. Since we have years of experience in installing our energy roofs ourselves, we know what we are talking about and can give you the best support during the installation process. Our partnership begins with a practical training session to boost your confidence before meeting your client.



Would you like to work with us?

In order to achieve nationwide coverage, we are continuously searching for good installers and partner companies that prioritize quality and communicate transparently with an eye for detail.


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