The Aesthetic Energy Roof (AER) is a solar energy solution based on the best module technology available. AER is a building integrated product. It combines the function of roof covering with electricity generator in one building element. The AER PV (photovoltaic) element, available in various sizes, can be combined with the AER dummy elements which have the same structure but do not contain solar cells. In this way a completely covered, attractive roof surface with a homogeneous appearance is obtained.


The specially designed and proved mounting system improves the ventilation and therefore promotes lower temperatures of the AER elements, which favours both system performance and system lifespan.

AERspire advantages

  • Aesthetic
  • Longer lifespan and better performance
  • Unlimited freedom of design
  • Frameless with “invisible” mounting system
  • Maximum performance and therefore a lower price per kWh
  • Earning money immediately


AERspire products are built with the best module technology resulting in a lower price per kWh. Would you like to know more about our products, their advantages and the technology used?