AERspire provides a total solution


In-roof solar panels: always the perfect fit on your roof

AERspire provides roof-integrated solar panels which are both roof covering and energy generator combined into one. Our modules replace the roof tiles and become the water barrier of your house straight away. The AERspire solution is appropriate for applications with a roof pitch from 15˚ onwards. The AERspire roof-integrated solar panels are a modular solution based on:


  • AER PV elements – active elements which generate electricity
    • AER PV36 (portrait and landscape)
    • AER PV60 (portrait and landscape)
    • AER PV72 (landscape)


  • AER dummy elements – passive elements with the same sizes as AER PV
  • AER fitted products – standard and project-specific filler pieces


Our range of ridge, gutter and side finishes ensure one suitable whole, in harmony with the roof design.


It is possible to combine AER elements with other types of roof covering on the same roof surface. For instance, roof tiles, thatch or standing seam. The AER system can also be applied to canopies.


If you would like to receive more information about our product, you can request the product data sheets here or contact us on or +31 40 2405800.

New technologies, shapes and colours: our product innovations

AERspire continuously strives to improve and expand its product range. We have developed various versions of the products so that the client can choose the most appropriate solution and desired appearance for the house.


The ‘Elegance’ version of AERspire is based on a monocrystalline cell and has a transparent surface around the cells. This product is ideal for use on carports or pavilions. The ‘Deluxe’ version is a black version in which the space between the cells is also black.


AERspire aims to integrate the different variants of technology between two glass plates. We are working on integrating backside contact technology and thin film solutions.


If you are looking for something slightly different, we can also supply other colour schemes and prints. We are also working on applying the product to façades and balustrades.


In this way AERspire will be able to supply the elements which will give architects, building companies and house owners an ever-increasing freedom of design.

Maximum ventilation leads to better performance

Solar panels can reach very high temperatures in the summer months, when the sun shines directly onto the roof. Temperatures can easily reach 70 degrees Celsius. High temperatures however reduce solar roof performance resulting in a lower yield. AERspire has devised a solution for this.


It is important that maximum heat is transferred from the panel to the surrounding air. This is one of the aspects that AERspire paid special attention to when developing the solar roof. The shape of the in-house developed installation system allows air to flow through the shaft behind the panel along the whole rear surface of the panel. In this way maximum heat transfer from the module to the air in the shaft can take place. The hot air is discharged through the ridge by an optimized natural ventilation mechanism.

IEC certification

AERspire applies some carefully selected high-quality materials. Durability tests in real life are combined with durability tests in accredited laboratories. In these tests, both the functionality of the building component and the compliance with requirements for a solar panel have been extensively tested, with positive results. The system is fully compliant with European standards IEC 61215 and IEC 61730-2.


Research conducted by an independent institute (TNO) has revealed that AERspire as BIPV solution performs particularly well compared to traditional solutions.