A different kind of partnership is needed in order to develop sustainable and energy-neutral projects. And a different way of building, too. Specialist knowledge is pooled at the beginning of a building project to meet the functional requirements with a quality ‘zero on the meter’ house which can be built in a short time frame. Collaborating by pooling expertise and shifting activities from building site to factory wherever possible will make it easier to achieve the common goal of ingenious and aesthetic sustainability.


AERspire thus provides an aesthetic and ingenious solution. As a complete building component, the AERspire system can be seamlessly integrated into one or several houses.

Read more about new and renovation projects below.

New building projects

Houses that are being built now must fulfil aesthetic, quality and energetic requirements in the long term too. From 2050 on, all housing in the Netherlands must be at least energy neutral. AERspire provides an aesthetic and ingenious solution for sustainable building. The best module technology available, based on glass-glass elements, ensure a maximum lifespan for your energy roof, with an attractive appearance.


AERspire contributes ideas to integrate our attractive solar panels into your new house. From design until installation, the AERspire team provides proper guidance. We contribute ideas at a timely stage once the requirements for sustainability, comfort and energy performance are known. We often communicate with the architect in the design phase about the possibilities in line with the client’s wishes. If your project is already past this stage, we can also communicate directly with the contractor or installer. AERspire possesses knowledge in the building and installation sector. The distribution of activities and supply of materials is coordinated at an early stage so that it is clear who takes on which activities. We are very flexible in this.


We can collaborate with the project installer or install the system ourselves – both are options. In the last case we will commission the system and hand it over to the user.

Renovation projects

AERspire also provides the attractive solar panel solution for existing housing and repurposing housing. Sustainable and attractive. The AERspire solar roof can be integrated directly as the new roof covering when replacing the roof tiles or modifying an existing roof. Thus our product can immediately replace your present roof covering and generate energy achieving good financial returns.


For renovation projects, we can collaborate with your local contractor or roof specialist: the company you feel comfortable with or with which you have had already good experience.


AERspire will carefully prepare the renovation with you, for one or several houses. AERspire is involved from the first draft designs until installation and commissioning of the project. All the details are worked out beforehand and thoroughly discussed so that it is clear who is responsible for what. Renovation projects, after all, require a slightly different approach than new projects.


The entire AERspire core team is VCA-certified and will assist you during the whole renovation project.

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